Fire Nunchaku/Nunchucks

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A set of carbon fibre core fire nunchucks, with EPDM grip and technora tethers! Comes with a range of different heads to choose from, all attached with rivets to minimise potential burns.

These prices are for a set of one, to do doubles please order two!

Disclaimer: Nunchaku/Nunchucks may be illegal in your country/state, and we take no responsibility if this prop is confiscated by customs. Please check your laws regarding weaponry!

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Made with carbon fibre, these nunchucks can be suited for both a faster style, or a slower circus style, depending on the head! Also sold with either EPDM grip, or no grip at all!

Tether Length – This tether length is generally the width of your palm, but can be made as short as 3cm due to speed chuck style.

Head Style – A variety of head styles are available. The monkeyfist style is a 3 pass knot, and adds some weight to the ends, which makes it perfect for a slower momentum based style. Be warned, the monkeyfists, due to their wide round nature, give off a very large flame and can easily burn! Both the helix and isis weave knots are lighter, and release less flame upwards as they are not as wide.

Grip – These can be made with or without grip, depending on the style of the spinner.

Silicone Colour – The silicone colour of both the tether connection and head.

If there are any questions and/or requests, feel free to contact me at!

Additional information

Weight .35 kg
Dimensions 45 × 14 × 7 cm
Chuck Length

30cm (12in), 35cm (14in), 40cm (16in)

Tether Length

3cm (1.2in), 4cm (1.6in), 5cm (2in), 6cm (2.4in), 7cm (2.8in), 8cm (3.2in), 9cm (3.6in), 10cm (4in), 11cm (4.4in), 12cm (4.8in), 13cm (5.2in), 14cm (5.6in), 15cm (6in)

Head Style

Monkeyfist (65mm/2.5in Diameter), Helix (75mm/3in Length), Isis Weave (50mm/2in Length), Isis Weave (75mm/3in Length)


EPDM, Goat Grip, None

Silicone Colour

Black, Blue, Red


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