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Welcome to the part of my site that has the loud cracks and terrifying speeds that only whips can provide!

My nylon whips are great for hobbyists, performers or anyone interested in the power of whips. They are built carefully using 550 paracord, which are mildew resistant and do not rot, and are custom made to each customer. Each whip normally holds 1 to 3 bellies, with shot loading. All my whips are waxed; waxing gives the whip weight, as well as making it 100% waterproof. These are made with 1 or 2 colours of your choice – extra colours are offered as an add-on upon request. Of course, all this can be customised to your specifications.

Why nylon?

Traditionally, whips are made from leather. While these leather whips are amazing, leather does have drawbacks. They cannot become wet, else they start to rot, and need to be conditioned properly to keep the life of the whip. The alternative is to use synthetic materials, such as nylon. My whips are built using 550 paracord, which is a synthetic cord made from nylon. In the past, leather whips could only be cracked under optimal circumstances, but with nylon whips, they can be used in the rain, sunshine, or even the snow! They also come in an incredible range of colours and patterns, which is perfect for performances or even as a piece of art. Furthermore, nylon whips are relatively cheaper than leather, which is a definite advantage for those with a budget.

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