Titan Fire Contact Poi


The pinnacle in beautifully weaved heads – large spherical heads, made with rope wick to make contact rolls and juggling aerodynamics just like practice contact poi!

Please note: Technora spliced to the core has the best tactile feel out of all connection styles, but runs the risk of wearing down quickly if not properly maintained. It is recommend to wrap some silicone tape nearest the head and replace as needed to protect the tether.

Head weights are as shown below in description.

To prevent misunderstanding, please note that the Overall Length is the overall length of the entire prop – head, tether, handle, all together!

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These are specially made contact fire poi, with an intricate weave placed over each head. The round nature of the heads allow for contact rolls as well as very smooth aerodynamics when poi juggling. Made with technora leashes and pomgrip handles!

Set – These poi can be ordered as a set of 2, or 3 for poi juggling

Head Size – These come in 3 sizes:

75mm Diameter – ~180g
85mm Diameter – ~240g
95mm Diameter – ~300g

Tether Thickness – Technora tethers now come in either 8mm or 10mm thickness! Tethers also now come in a stiff kevlar static tether! Thanks is given to Juggling Calling for introducing this type of tether to Flowarts, but please note that our kevlar is not the same as theirs! (please also note that static tethers only come in the “Spliced into Head” hardware option)

Technora is a fire resistant (not fire proof) rope used to make fire poi feel like practice poi. Care must be taken to not soak the tether in fuel, but they give an entirely new feel to fire poi, one that allows for a much more comfortable burn.

Head Hardware – You can get heads with an embedded ring (so that you can replace the tether as needed), or splicing directly into the head for maximum feel!

For any customised changes, please contact me before ordering!

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

2 Poi, 3 Poi

Head Size

Small (75mm), Medium (85mm), Large (95mm)

Tether Thickness

8mm, 10mm, 10mm Static Tether

Overall Length

40cm, 45cm, 50cm, 55cm, 60cm, 65cm, 70cm

Handle Colour

Red, Blue, Purple, White, Green, Orange

Head Hardware

Spliced Into Head, Embedded Ring


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