Fire Whip


The culmination of my skills in both fire prop and whip making – a fire whip with an incredible action, and almost no effort required to crack! The only 16 plait fire whip out there on the market, with an absorbent core and 1 internal belly, these whips act incredibly similar to a bullwhip!

IMPORTANT – The stated length of the whip is only the plaited length. Therefore, please add the handle length, and approximately 1.5-2ft (for the fall and cracker) on top of that to find the total overall length of your whip!

Maintenance – While this whip does not need too much maintenance, as the attachment for the fall is a simple loop (And therefore easily replaceable), it is highly recommended you only soak the kevlar plaited part of the whip in fuel. The fall & cracker do not need to be fueled, and doing this will preserve their life for longer!

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This fire whip (bullwhip) is made with 2 bellies of kevlar, and a final 16 plait overlay. Features a technora core and fall, kevlar cracker, and a tapered stiffness, making this just like a proper whip. 

Handle Length – Our fire whips come with a 12in (30cm) handle as standard

Plaited Thong Length – The length of the plaited part of the whip – the entire kevlar part of the whip. 4 or 5ft is recommended, unless you would like a longer whip for louder cracks and more fuel. Length can vary up to 3″ in difference.

Thong Connection – The thong is attached through a screw, to allow for overlay replaiting when the time comes.

For any customised changes, please contact me before ordering!

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